Clearfield City Inspections may be scheduled by calling the Building Department at 801-525-2700. Note: 24 hours notice required for all inspections.

Required Inspections:


  1. Footing Placement – set backs
  2. Footing Size
  3. Rebar placement/clearances
  4. UFER Ground connection (if required)
  5. Check for any debris in footing area


  1. Foundation width
  2. Hold down placement
  3. Rebar size and Placement/clearances
  4. Check for debris in bottom of foundation
  5. UFER Ground identification

 Underground Plumbing/Mechanical

  1. Proper slope
  2. All ABS 2” or greater
  3. Complete support of pipe
  4. Fittings installed correctly
  5. Pressure test of ABS Pipe
  6. 2” concrete wrap at all mechanical joints
  7. 2” concrete around Mechanical plenum

 Exterior sheathing

  1. Proper material
  2. Sheet edge and field nailing pattern from table
  3. Hold down attachment and placement
  4. Inspection of any interior shear walls
  5. Blocking behind shear walls at seams


  1. Proper slope
  2. Correct material
  3. Cleanout
  4. Correct separation of sewer and water pipe
  5. NO POLY PIPE (unless 2” or larger)

 Rough Framing

  1. Truss location and blocking
  2. Proper hold downs at ceiling level
  3. Attic access provided
  4. Proper Beams and load points

 Rough Electrical

  1. Proper wiring method
  2. Protection of wires
  3. Proper support
  4. Required circuits
  5. Outlet placement and number
  6. Outlets on the exterior for lighting and GFCI outlets

 Rough Plumbing

  1. Slope of pipes
  2. Proper fitting installation
  3. Pressure test of systems
  4. Protection of pipe

 Rough Mechanical

  1. Proper duct support
  2. Sealing of pipes (round to square duct)
  3. Combustion air for mechanical equipment


  1. Correct windows per Mech check
  2. Wall insulation
  3. Correct furnace (80%, 90% per mech check)
  4. Proper insulation in unfinished basement
  5. Duct insulation in unconditioned areas


  1. Rough Grading
  2. Exterior stairs and landings
  3. Address on building
  4. Outlets wired correctly
  5. GFCI’s in basement, garage, kitchen and bathrooms, at exterior exits
  6. ARC-Fault Circuits in bedrooms
  7. Proper functioning of smoke detectors
  8. Handrails and guards
  9. Attic insulation installed
  10. Electrical panel labeled
  11. Debris removed from property