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Current Projects

  The following is  information on current construction projects around the city, including  city projects as well as private construction projects.  Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP):  any construction site / land disturbance over 1 acre of property is required to have a SWPPP in place and will be monitored by the city's storm water manager for compliance.  For questions or concerns please contact:  Daniel Schuler - Clearfield City Public Works Inspector/Storm Water Manager/Fleet Superintendent at 801-525-4404 (office), 801-940-2078 (cell), or email.  

Last updated: October 20th, 2017 

                             Project  / Contractor Address / Location

Under Construction artwork
Park Village, 
Ivory Homes.  (SWPPP) / 1000 West 300 North
Status:  No lots remaining; Final lots are currently under construction,
subdivision is near completion.  For more information concerning this
                             project please contact: Ben Hansen / 801-520-9164. 

Under Construction artwork
University Ridge Subdivision, 
Mark Koehler. (SWPPP) / 2000 East 926 South 
Status: Final phase, construction on commercial pad South East corner of
 development.  no date set for starting final phase. For more information
                             concerning this site please contact: Mark Koehler / 801-721-2355.                                                                            
Under construction artwork 
City Shops phase 2  project, /497 S Main
Status: Contractor is in the process of relocating fuel tanks to the East
 side of yard, installing utilities in the yard for sewer, storm water, water ,
                             gas and communication lines for new Admin/ Park maintenance building.
                            For more information concerning this site please contact:
                           Ross Barrell /435-658- 9460. 
under construction artwork
West Square, Ironwood. (SWPPP)     / 700 South, S.R. 193 & Depot St.
Status:  All utilities are installed to city standards. No construction activity at
 this time. For more information concerning this site please
                              contact: Dan Tustian / 435-213-0014.
under construction artwork
Security Title,
 Marsh construction/Scott Carter. 1795 East Legend Hills Drive(SWPPP) Status: Contractor will be cleaning up site, installing
 landscaping and construction inside of building, working on completing
                              project with in the next month.  For more information concerning this site
                              please contact:  Scott Carter / 801-668-8494.
under construction artwork
 Sinclair Gas Station,
Elite Craft Homes. SR 193 & University Parkway. (SWPPP)
Grading property, hauling in fill dirt to level site for future Sinclair Gas Station. 
for more information concerning this site please
                             contact: Lacey Cortisse / 801-529-6635.  
under construction artwork
City Centre Apartments, 
Highmark Const.  (SWPPP) /50 South State St.
Status:  Cleaning up site, hauling dirt of the site; Continuing construction on
 the apartments, installing asphalt, curb n gutters,  For more information
                              concerning this site please contact: Taylor Meek / 435-994-7337.
under construction artwork
Witte Site,
 (SWPPP) / 1000 West Status: Asphalt installed last week, contractor will be working on landscaping and siding on buildings. For more information concerning this siteplease contact: Jeremy Witte / 801-529-0768.
under construction artwork
Sparrow Hawk LLC Falcon Hill/MIDA (SWPPP).
Status: Building is constructed, contractor is working on the interior of the
 building and working on landscaping.  For more information concerning
                             this project please contact: Neil Manning / 801-627-1403.    
Clearfield Station, Thackeray Garn,  (SWPPP)  State st. & 1000 East.  
Status:  Contractor is working on Club house and the East row of apartments
along 1000 E. and will be working on improvements along 1000 East . curb gutter n                                               sidewalk.  for more information concerning this site please contact:
                            Craig Wilcox / 801-676-7625.                                   
Wilcox Farms Phase 5,
Josh Staheli Excavating/ 823, 848 West 1600 South
 project near completion, contractor will work on cleanup and
installing street light. For more information concerning this site please
                            contact:  Con Wilcox / 801-663-5927.                                     
  construction site sign   
Americold addition, Americold (SWPPP)/ 1755 East 1700 South
Status: Construction on utilities  on new road along west end of project,
and construction on new building. for more information concerning
                            construction project please contact: Dean Stadtlander / 770-928-7120.   
construction sign
650 North I-15 Interchange/700 South SR 193 free way improvements &
 Intersection Improvement Project,

UDOT (SWPPP) / 650 North & I-15 Interchange / SR 193  700 South on and
                             off ramps.  Status: Construction on 650 North I-15 is near completion.                                                                         For questions or concerns please contact Bill Crowley,
                             Project Manager for COP construction  (801-597-4839). 

                            UDOTStatus:  SR 193/700 South freeway ramps, Started construction
                            the week of the 26th working on freeway on and off ramps.

                            Current Work: Construction on the new Frontage Road (1000 East) and                                                                      roundabout configuration continues. Frontage Road (1000 East) is
                            currently closed to motorists and pedestrians until Monday, September
                           11 at 5 a.m.  Drivers may utilize 200 South and Main Street as a detour route. 
                            Fencing is being installed on the northbound I-15 entrance ramp.
                            Lighting and signal foundations are being installed along SR-193.
                            Work continues on the I-15 northbound entrance ramp and the southbound
                            exit and entrance ramps. 
 For questions or concerns please contact:
Dave Randall / 801-440-9217 

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