Internet Radio Linking Project

Internet Radio Linking Project 

The Clearfield Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) Node 3876

The node is installed on the Clearfield 449.950 repeater, with a 5 MHz offset and a tone of 123.0Please use HIGH power from handhelds to have a good quality signal. The touchtone decoder needs a good quality signal to operate correctly. Be courteous as with all repeater conversations. 

Remember there is a delay because of the Internet link.  Please identify with your call sign and location to allow those on the other node to know where you are.  Please do not discuss the codes over the air.  There might be "spoilers" listening. 

To access a remote node: First enter "B and a "Zero" on the touchtone pad to ensure that the site is not is use.

The local node will reply with either "Link Off" or with the node that is currently connected. If the reply is "Link Off", give your call sign and enter B and the Four-Digit node number of the node you wish to connect to. Wait a moment for the connection to be completed.

You will hear a welcome message or one of the error messages listed below:
The node you are trying to connect to is being used locally. 
The node you are trying to connect did respond because it's being used locally. 
The call attempt has timed out the connection has been lost. 
The node called is NOT responding. 
The Internet retry count might have exceeded limit. 
The node is temporarily off-line. 
The connection has been lost. (During a conversation) 
The Internet retry count might have exceeded limit. 
The node has temporarily gone off-line.  The Internet might be very busy and causing excessive message 
delays.  The other end terminated the link.    

Busy Audible Tones  

The node you are trying to connect to responded, however it's currently in use. 
The node you tried to call does not exist.  Please check the code and try again. 
You entered an invalid four-digit node number. 

Enter "B and 73" to close the link to the remote node.

More information can be found at:  Internet Radio Linking Project/Clearfield or Internet Radio Linking Project/Clearfield