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Clearfield Connected

Station Area Plan

Welcome to Clearfield Connected! This page contains the information you need to understand what is happening with planning process currently taking place for the Clearfield FrontRunner Station area.

Clearfield City and UTA have teamed up to create a plan for the site that will best utilize this transit station and create a great place in Clearfield. 

Clearfield Station

Not only will the FrontRunner Train connect Clearfield residents to the rest of the Wasatch Front, but the development of this site has the potential to be a vibrant hub of activity and excitement that connects Clearfield residents to each other.

Where is it at in the Process?

The transit agency is currently working with Clearfield City and development firms STACK Development and Hamilton Partners to complete a “Master Development Agreement” for a proposed TOD near the site of the Clearfield FrontRunner Station.

This area will be a mix of uses with a large amount of office and commercial space mixed with residential and public spaces.

Illustrative Master Plan Clearfield Station

The Master Development Plan and the Master Development Agreement will be uploaded shortly.

Where is the site that is being planned?

The site is located next to the Clearfield FrontRunner Station, which is located between the FrontRunner Line and State Street, at approximately 1000 E (see map below).

What makes this site unique?

There are two factors that make this site particularly valuable. The first is the FrontRunner Station, and the second is the large amount of undeveloped land directly adjacent to the stop, which is owned by UTA. This significant amount of developable land next to a transit stop presents an exciting opportunity to create a truly great place that capitalizes on the transit opportunities. 

What is a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)?

The concept behind “Transit-Oriented Development” is that you can develop a walkable, compact neighborhood next to a transit stop that has a mixture of housing, office, retail, and/or other amenities all within walking distance. Another important aspect of TOD is creating high-quality parks, open spaces, and walkable streets. Check out this video from Envision Utah for an overview about the benefits of Transit-Oriented Development, through the eyes of a kid.


For any questions regarding The Clearfield Connected Station Area Plan, please contact Spencer Brimley, Director of Community Development 801.525.2785.

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